5 Crazy Things People Do In Bathroom And Toilet! No. 3 And 5 Are Very Weird


5 Crazy Things People Do In Bathroom And Toilet! No. 3 And 5 Are Very Weird

crazy things done in toilet

The toilet is said to be a sanitation environment in which humans use for storing or disposal of urine and faeces while the bathroom is for personal hygiene activities, nevertheless there are some crazy things done in toilet mostly containing at minimum a mirror, a shower or a bathtub. In many countries, private homes are designed with the flush toilet and the bath or shower in the same room, the bathroom, to simplify plumbing and reduce cost

With all said above and aside from doing the normal personal hygiene thing, below are few things we all tend to do or must have done in either the toilet or the bathroom. (cont. on next page..)

1. Use of mobile phone / Listening to Music

crazy things done in toilet

You  may be feeling skeptical about this but it does happen, mostly amidst youth of this generation and i’st one the 5crazy things done in toilet.

guys! you know that moment you’ad to reply that babe’s chat and you need visit the toilet at the same time?


We tend to go about with our phone(s) everywhere and the toilet/bathroom isn’t excluded, i must say i fall into this category and being with my phone in the toilet makes me spend more time in there unlike going without my phone. There’re lot of things that can make us go with our phones into the toilet mostly, like being in an interactive online discussion, receiving lengthy call, playing music with the phone and many more.. you can kindly add yours via the comment box.  (cont. on next page..)

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2. Singing

crazy things done in toilet

This might not be what you do everyday but you’ve at least, ONCE! Almost everyone i know and lived with falls into this category of 5 crazy things done in toilet, so no doubt i caught you on this… didn’t i ??? (drop your answers in the comment box/section).

3. Dozing/Sleeping

crazy things done in toilet

This might sound totally unbelievable though but it’s also one of the 5 crazy things done in toilet, i use to doubt this also until i confirm few cases myself. I was shock AF!. One thing i didn’t do, was to ask what happen or what makes this people sleep off even while seated on the toilet sink. I was demn fantasied with what i saw.. lol. I heard a case of guy who slept off in public toilet at a bar after getting drunk, his friends where searching for him all over and wasn’t found until a staff came to inform them about the unpleasant their friend’s in to.

4. Thinking

crazy things done in toilet

Well, i can only say myself and few people i asked if ‘they ever think’ while in the toilet, I’ve got the feeling that this is a general thing and almost everyone should fall under this category.  The few people i asked if they fall under this category almost gave me a related answer..

They make use of that time in the toilet to think and re-structure some personal life issues.


You should give a try if you’ve never tried this before, i’m sure you will like it and want to give it another chance… cheers.

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5. Touching/Checking Out Private Part(s)

crazy things done in toiletHere’s #5 of 5 crazy things done in toilet, Everyone of tends to do this, once a while at least if not all the time. Females that are so obsessed about looking good, sexy and all that falls into this category and tends to do this regularly. Checking your private part doesn’t make you a pervert as we all need to do this as means of caring for our private organs.

Although some people take this as pleasure time! you should know what i mean you dirty minded freak.. lol.


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