BBNaija: Big Brother issues warning strikes to Kiddwaya, Tolanibaj, Ozo and Erica

The Big Brother Naija lockdown house took a different turn this afternoon Sunday, August 23, with Big Brother returning to the game and issuing strikes to Kiddwaya, the head of house, Tolanibaj his deputy, Erica, and Ozo.


Big Brother has been absent from the game since last week Monday, August 17.


He returned this afternoon and gathered the housemates at the lounge where he addressed them. He issued warning strikes to Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj for breaking the Head of House (HoH) lounge rules.


During the Head of House game last Monday, Big Brother announced that the Head of House will now enjoy some new privileges, one of which is that the Head of House and his deputy will now receive one guest each in the lounge but that the guests must not sleepover in the lounge. Kiddwaya picked Erica as his guest while Tolanibaj picked Prince as her guest.


However, the HoH and his deputy defaulted in the rule. While Erica, Kiddwaya’s guest, slept in the lounge till 3am on Saturday, Tolanibaj slept outside the lounge and slept on Prince’s bed.


Big Brother issued two warning strikes to Erica for whispering and speaking in hush tones as well as for sleeping and overstaying in the Head of House lounge till 3am
Kiddwaya got a warning strike for sleeping out of the Head of House lounge with Erica. Big Brother then barred him from participating in the Head of House games for 3 weeks and he will not be nominated as deputy HOH.
Tolanibaj got a warning strike for flouting house rules by sleeping outside the HOH lounge. She was also barred from participating in HOH games for a week.
Big Brother also issued a warning strike to Ozo for whispering and speaking in codes with Neo.


Big Brother also punished tall he housemates for their unruly behavior while he was away. He said for the next few days, hot water will not be available for them and forbade them from using any of the kitchen utensils to boil water.



He also announced that the housemates failed their wager because they they were unruly all through the week, even though they performed well during the task. He said they will have to manage their existing BBNaira wallet.
He also announced that Praise has lost his right to be pampered after he won last Friday’s arena games due to his unruly behaviour.