BREAKING: EPL Clubs To Resume Training Tomorrow

While Britain are still battling the Pandemic, the Premier League has sent out a “project restart “to all clubs as there are plans to complete the 2019/2020 campaign halted by the corona virus pandemic. Britain’s Culture secretary in charge of sports, Oliver Dowden said “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League with a view of getting football up and running as possible in order to support the whole football community”.

The Schedule is backed up by the government’s decision on May 7 to ease lockdown.

EPL’s medical adviser, Mark Gillet and the FA’s head of medicine, Charlotte Cowie and a group of government officials would meet weekly with health advisers as this would be with the approval of public health representatives.

Training sessions resume fully tomorrow, May 18, as matches resume on June 8. Club representatives are to meet on Friday to discuss the restart, as it’s been suspended since March 13.

These plans are subject to government extending the lockdown as there’s a possibility of this happening.

Arsenal, Brighton, Westham and Spurs have opened training grounds for individual trainings on Monday. It would be one player per pitch as this follows the social distancing instruction, there would be limited number of players allowed to training, as this could be done in batches.

Tough times right now all over, having the Premier League back would definitely put a smile on the face of football fan



Author: Benjamin Abiade