Disapproval as Timbuktu Global, owned by two white Brits, trademark the word ‘YORUBA’

Nigerians  expresses anger across various social media platforms after two Brits trademarked the word “Yoruba” for their business, thereby making it impossible for others to use it.



Timbuktu Global, an outerwear clothing retailer owned by two White-British people from the North of England, trademarked Yoruba, opposing anyone else from using it, not even Yoruba people.


Timbuktu is originally a city in Mali, Africa, yet they claimed on their website that Timbuktu is a “fictional location which literally means ‘the middle of nowhere’, a location that has intrigued mankind for centuries.”



This shocking discovery was made by CultureTree TV when they tried to trademark their programme that teaches children Yoruba language, called “Yoruba Stars”. They discovered then that the word “Yoruba” is off-limits.