Note:- this is not to antagonize any religion .but to shield more light on *EASTER PERIOD*✅

Easter has nothing to do with Christ,it is a _European pagan holiday_.look at what the European do during the Easter.They give out *eggs* and chocolate or *cakes* made into a *rabbit* 🐇

What does egg and rabbit has to do with Christ ? Nothing .what do they have to do with his *resurrection* ? nothing. Egg and rabbit are symbol of fertility. An egg mean life,is in the Shell and a rabbit is one of the most fertile mammals in creation.

So why are both used during the Easter ? Because the origin of Easter was a pagan holiday meant to celebrate the goddess of fertility named *EOSTRE*. And if you continue to dig deeper you can trace this goodness to ancient Egypt.🦷


*©Mr revolution*


_Make research yourself on all search engine before you argue with me_ 👂
*Easter has nothing to do with Christ*