My husband knew I was pregnant but I doubted – Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, who recently had her first son with Ned Nwoko, has shared some details about her pregnancy on her YouTube channel.

In the new video  shared online, Regina said she first notice that she might be pregnant when her husband said he could “perceive a pregnant woman”.

She said this in a documentary about her pregnancy. Ned Nwoko also spoke in the documentary and said he has the ability to perceive a pregnant women from a mile away and he knew when his young wife became pregnant.

Regina added that she was “confused” at first, soon after a pregnancy test revealed she was carrying a child.

“The first time I found out I was pregnant, I was confused. I just couldn’t explain the feeling.

“Though at first, my husband was already saying, oh he can perceive a pregnant woman and I was like, ha, perceive kwa?”

Ned, who has multiple children from his other wives, said: “I told her that she was pregnant. She didn’t believe me. I could smell a pregnant woman from 2 miles away.”


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