New polls shows Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump as the election draws closer

New polls released on Sunday night, July 12, shows Democrat presidential challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden, leading President Donald Trump in two major states –Texas and Florida– vital states that Donald Trump won in 2016.


The polls conducted by CBS/YouGov, shows Biden leading Trump 46 to 41 in Texas, with 14 per cent undecided. The two men were tied at 43-43 in the same poll in April.

The same poll has Biden also leading 46 to 42  in Florida, a critical battleground state.
In Arizona, they are tied at 46 per cent. Trump won Arizona by less than 2 percentage points in 2016.


Surprisingly, all three states are getting increased rates of coronavirus, infections, with Florida reporting a stunning 15,000 infections in a single day Sunday, and the state’s 270,000 now rank higher than Spain or France.

There is the exception of  Georgia, where Trump leads Biden 48 to 45. Georgia being a strong Republican state.


Trump and Biden are set to battle for the US presidency in November 2020.