(Photos) Kim Kardashian reveals off her Valentine’s gifts

(Photos) Kim Kardashian reveals off her Valentine’s gifts

With some help from her children, Kim Kardashian, opened up a good number of Valentine’s Day gifts from family and friends on Thursday evening.

But the 39-year-old could not help but stare at one gift in particular given to her by sister Khloe Kardashian that had a wrapping paper sporting husband Kanye West’s iconic mug.

‘How cute is this wrapping paper,’ Kim gushed , as she continued to display more of the gifts she received from family and friends on her Instagram story.

There was a note which came with Khloe’s gift that read: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Keeks! I love you madly! Koko.’
The wrapping paper, topped with a light pink velvet bow, placed Kanye behind a pair of white blind style shades with hearts over the eyes.

Kanye’s face floated upon a pink backdrop among a slew of bright holiday-appropriate red hearts.

‘Thank you @khloekardashian,’ Kim captioned as she moved her camera over the rest of the gifts Khloe gave to her and her family.

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