The Pollination Project Grant supports HealthDrive Nigeria

HealthDrive Nigeria tackles COVID-19

The Pollination Project Grant supports HealthDrive Nigeria

The Pollination Project Grant supports in the distribution of palliatives and Personal Protective Equipment in a Lagos marginalized Area.

The HealthDrive Nigeria team took it upon themselves to tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic including acute hunger and inaccessibility to Personal Protective Equipment scourging a marginalized area of Lagos, AbatiShasha, Egbeda.

The Charity tagged “COVID-19 Food Drive” was centered at ensuring the sustainability of over 100 families during the COVID-19 Pandemic and ensuring that this category of people obey the “Stay At Home” policy and the use of personal protective equipment.

The Pollination Project Grant supports HealthDrive Nigeria

As much as the project was coordinated and conducted by the HealthDrive’s Team, strategic partners were equally involved and worthy of mention is The Pollination Project Grant, an international Grant giving organization that awarded these group seed funding which was very instrumental in birthing this project into reality. Another important Partner was the Hi-Impact Television as they coordinated the TV Coverage of this outreach and were very important in catering for the logistics.

The Team involved in the packaging and distribution of the palliatives are Dr Balogun Seyon Modupe, DawoduOluwananumi, Amuzie Rose Ihudiya, Ejike Chukwu, Amuzie Grace, Blessing RehamEtoma and Akingbola Adewunmi.

The Pollination Project Grant supports HealthDrive Nigeria

After the distribution of palliatives, the residents of the area expressed their most sincere appreciation to the team that conducted the charity outreach and the Executive Director of HealthDrive Nigeria, Akingbola Adewunmi further expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took part in the charity outreach, commended the Hi-impact TV for accepting their proposal to be partners and thanking The Pollination Project Grant for their funding support.

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  1. We owe it to ourselves and the society to change the narrative by being an agent of change wherever we find ourself.
    Great work healthdrive! 👍

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