youth exuberance for the transformation of Oyo state

The aforementioned thesis troubled my intellect while perpending on the sociological and psychological effects and whip hand that would follow the stride if the positive interest of the youth in achieving good governance, leadership, and development would not be overemphasized and jeopardized which I would discuss it’s influenced in Oyo state literally. “Youth can be the leaders of tomorrow if we don’t procrastinate. Aren’t no power like the power of youth because the power of youth doesn’t stop! If you must dream out loud! Youth are the solution, not the problem”


A nation ordained by hallowed ancestral, our country birthed by consecrated heroes who fought with their boiling blood till last breath, the efforts of panjandrum legends who revenge the torment of the oppressor during the slavery era remain in vain, we nestled on the boat of backwardness and retrogress. We are oppressed, we are denied of our rights, we are downtrodden, and my voice remains shallow in the sight of demonic leaders who denied the youth the ability to be voted and to be voted for, the right to speak and to be spoken for. I got rid of my bewilderment and I have answers to the questions.


I wouldn’t mind paraphrasing transitions here, what are the roles of the youth? Does the youth have roles to partake? How possible for the youth to sail Oyo state to exulting, fertile, refined, and monumental land? Evidence of youth attainment while holding a political office.


Comprehensively speaking, I would discuss extensively the aforesaid tips for proper extrapolation. The roles of the youth in any democratic country is not hampered to voting and be voted for, one among the leading roles is accentuating the state positively and productively which may affect the following, economic status, social status, world relations, education status, security status, anti-robbery status, morality et al.


The catbird seat of the youth leadership in advancing a state is limitless, civilization and economic status in one’s country are benchmarks in ranking a venerable country that both enrapture tourism and foreign exchange. What is the brain behind civilization? The youth are the inconspicuous mithridate which drives a benignant economy, civilization, tourism, foreign exchange, productivity, peace, and moral education in every refined country, how? The youth stage is globally imitated as the fairest, vast, and highly competent stage among the stages of life, we cannot condone the adversity they are facing and how they uniquely vanquish the hurdles which abdicate is not their option, with their cleverness, they withstand endless vie. Youth are achingly competent.


How would a country overcome monetary havoc, or avoid an economic crisis if the intelligent youth flunk to hold any political office respectively? A nation would never develop neither go a long way without being technologically inclined. Technology, innovation, creativity, positive vibes would not be conceivable in the scarcity of intelligent and brilliant lads. Among the youths are geniuses, brilliant folks, intelligent and ideas-driven ones, brainiac kindred which are vital ingredients to facilitate one’s country economy and to intensify a profitable civilization. Most of our leaders are old gems with dinky intelligence to drive Nigeria to a heightened peak, with youth intelligence Oyo state would reach an exceptional climax. The eye of the aforesaid tips elucidate that intelligence is the tool to have a steadier economy, evolve the state, prosperous civilization, and have enhanced tourism, in which the youth are blessed with limitless ideas and intellect.


Reputation and representation; state of biddable and moral play a significant role in developing a state, I persuade Oyo state youth to maintain a good reputation and representation in the society. “A bad tree never yields good apples”, a state-dwelling maximum percentage of nonchalant and ill-brilliant youth will be vulnerable to poor governance. A state in which immorality is acknowledged as the moral act will possess a tarnished image in the eye of the foreigners. It is our responsibility as the youth of Oyo state to affirm a positive reputation, being an ambassador within and outside the country is consequential, exhibiting a life of altruist, Henry Ford said “you can’t build a reputation on who you want to become”. Having good governance would be achievable and easy if the youth would implement peace, good reputation, supporting the government to attain an escalated decency, we should curb extortion and atrocities among ourselves, preaching altruism and instills the acts in us should be the precedence.


Attaining and partaking in leadership skills and training; I cast an eye on our downfall in Oyo state, I figured out an unnoticed bane behind our decadence, lack of leadership skill is deadly and dreadful diseases acting parasitical feeding on our success in Oyo state. Reviewing previous governors and appointed leaders in Oyo state, I deduced another deterioration, lack of leadership experience and skills could be another reason Oyo state to prevails on the voyage of backwardness, the reason for our retrogress could be emanated from previous leaders and governors. I implore the Oyo state ministry of education to include leadership training as an extra curriculum in school activities (secondary and tertiary) to prepare everybody for a future leader. For total development in Oyo state, youth should hold minor or appointed office politically, this will fascinate their interest in politics.


Conclusively, to attain total development and good governance in Oyo state, wholly commitment of the youth towards politics is highly significant. Urge for political and leadership education should fascinate the youth which could be achieved through a confab or public seminar. Youth needs to learn from stakeholder’s experience by meeting retired politicians and leaders for an interview to acquire knowledge on how they overcame obstacles during their time in political office.

Youth should make altruism a priority over revolution, the youth should spread altruism across the state and enlightened and the illiterates and the ignorant lads for commitment towards the growth of Oyo state.



Young altruist writes


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youth exuberance for the transformation of Oyo state
what effort could the Governor of Oyo state render for the youth for the transformation of the state?