“Unacceptable” – Nigerians react as lady living abroad reveals the project they gave her 9-year-old daughter in school

A Nigerian lady living abroad has revealed what her 9-year-old child was asked to do in school as ‘Project’ by the 4th grade teacher.


She Tweeted:

“9-year-old’s 4th grade teacher has assigned a project where my child has to live 8 hours with no electricity and write a report. Tell me, did Marie Anya risk it all to bring me from Enugu to obodo oyibo for her granddaughter to simulate life with NEPA?”


“The “live with no electricity for 8 hours” science class project is a ridiculous burden. Can’t do weekday, cuz online school. So now I gotta take away the computer, Switch, and TV on a weekend? To do what? Churn butter? Watch her cry? How is this not a punishment for ALL of us?”